With a team of high caliber and experienced personnel, well-defined business model and unparalleled customer service, we at Al Shehail Aviation proudly provide our valued clients with the following Aviation and related solutions:

Over-Flight and Landing Clearances

Over-Flight and Landing Clearances

Over years, we have developed and established solid relationship with the civil Aviation authorities around the globe. Our robust knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the aviation industry in various countries has enabled us to provide our clients with precise, up-to-date and timely over flight and landing permits.

Ground Handling

Ground Handling

We have both the experience and the expertise to facilitate and implement your Ground Handing requirements in a swift, flawless and efficient manner in the MENA regions. We are specialized in providing ground handling services to top Private Jet operators from across the globe.

Flight Planning Shadow

Slots and PPR Arrangements

Slots and PPRs can be arranged by our specialized team to ensure your flight schedule is optimized.

Slot and PPR Arrangement

Flight Planning

Using state of the art and advanced tools, our specialists will provide you with reliable, cost efficient, accurate and optimized flight plans taking into consideration the latest weather reports, NOTAMS and all safety factors.

Fueling Arrangements

Fueling Arrangements

Over years, we have developed a solid relationship with major Fuel suppliers around the globe. Our fuel experts always ensure that our clients are provided with the best possible and most competitive fuel prices anywhere, anytime and fuel supply related requirements are planned and implemented in a timely and swift manner every time.

Catering 1080x420

Catering Arrangements

Whether you are operating a private jet or a commercial flight, we have both the expertise and the network to meet all your catering related requirements. We assure you that our quality service will meet and exceed your expectations.

Crew Visa Application

Time is of an Essence! That’s why our team of experienced agents has all the necessary tools to ensure that Visa arrangement for your crew members are implemented in the shortest possible time.

Hotel and Transfer Arrangements

All arrangements for hotel accommodation and transfer of crew members to and from airports are conducted in a timely and efficient manner taking into consideration all important elements such as cost, comfort, safety and security.